Sunday, September 5, 2010

I have NOTHING to say !!!

Even though talking is something that I do well, it appears that I have nothing to say. Maybe it is not that easy to write, actually it shouldn't be. Bloggers are accused of spilling there every day nonsense onto the rest of the world and yet here it is a blog with no readers and there are probably thousands if not millions of the same kind. Technology makes it possible to be a writer, a graphics designer, a music composer or even an artist of some sort, but that doesn't mean that you would be any good. Point and case this very blog and all that it holds in it. Not that I'm supposed to care what people want to know about me or what I have done. It is just that I feel like I have failed not just to write on the web, but also in real life. I couldn't fill a personal journal for more than a few days.

Things seldom look and are as we expect them to be. We are born into a world that we mostly underestimate, we look at those who came before us and say "I can do that better". We dream BIG, bigger than anyone, we believe that the world will be different because of us. But as we progress through life our underestimation gets more accurate and we see life for what it really is and what we really can achieve. As we learn and grow, our dreams shrink and we settle for what is possible, what those who came before told us is enough.

I guess the lesson we have to learn from that is, "We can be happy, without achieving all our dreams". But then again this is just a bloggers dribble.

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